Consumers Value Broadcasting Unveils Website to Distinguish Consumers’ Experiences

Consumers Value Broadcasting, in celebration of the global Consumer Protection Week, has introduced  website for consumers to vote for their favorite brands based on their experiences.

While launching the website, the Managing Director, Akonte Ekine, said the move was a proactive measure to enlist mass awareness of consumers to their rights as consumers.

According to him, the move became expedient given the current clustered market and the growing concern about consumer vulnerability.

Akonte said the essence of the website is to serve as a reference platform to distinguish consumers’ experiences as a vehicle for distinguishing leading products, services and companies worthy of consumers’ money. He added that the website is a reliable voting platform to guide consumers whenever they are presented with a sequence of choices before making a purchase.

The website features a voting/ rating system that allows consumers to honor and acknowledge the commitment of brands to innovation, superior customer service and excellence. It will be up to consumers themselves to vote for these brands based on their experiences. The winners will be selected through an online public ballot process in which the outcome is based on their votes, and that it was its own way of ensuring transparency, originality and brand awareness.

He said, “The website is designed in such a way that consumers can demonstrate their level of acceptance of a brand through their votes and can also show the trust and loyalty which a brand has earned.”

“The vote will serve as a feedback mechanism between the brands and the consumers, as well as a way to promote and recognize outstanding contributions of Nigerian entrepreneurs to the development of a sustainable economy and encourage local practitioners to develop innovative and creative ideas that will enhance economic growth locally and internationally.”

“Through the website, we hope to give every consumer a voice and allow them to state their reviews, feedbacks and recommendations”.

Adedayo Ojo, Consumers Value Broadcasting Ltd said “we are deeply excited at the vista of opportunity that the consumers Value Awards will open for the Nigeria market place. Every stakeholder, the brands, the consumers, regulators and the promoters will be positively motivated. Our commitment is to raise standards of consumer experience all round to the benefit of the society. We will ensure that the process and the results are transparent and impeccable”.

About Consumers Value Broadcasting:

Consumers Value Broadcasting is an independent broadcast service company committed to the 8 rights of the consumers as the bedrock of its existence in offering dedicated consumer centric conversations across platforms of repute that will deliver education, entertainment and information values.

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